Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Summary of the last two days..

Here's what we've done the last two days. I'm hoping to keep a pretty good summary of Ry's work.. but we'll see.

Day 1.
Prayer list:
Buddy (his blanket)

Recited the pledge and what day it is

We read Genesis 1:1
The point of this day's lesson was to learn how God is like Dad in that he loves us very much. God gave us the world as a gift.

Went over why he loves daddy
He drew a picture of him and his dad enjoying all sorts of things like flowers and sandwiches (not sure why sandwiches.. but.. he's four. haha)

He made a collage of things that remind him of his dad including:
A guy shaving
a blue print (He likes to work!)
ice cream
and leaves (neither Jeremy or myself could figure out the leaves but that's okay haha)

We reviewed the triangle. Riley already knows all of his shapes. He did enjoy "PE" which included making triangles out of body parts

Day 2
God (he's really into praying to thank God for God..)
Harry (Mr. Banana Pants)
Batman Glasses
Coloring books
His body
His Clothes

We did the pledge and talked about what day it is

Went to the bookstore and read some books

Reviewed how to write his name as well as other names.

Reviewed how to write capital and lower case A

Reviewed 1's addition

Started 2's addition

Worked on word "reading" he solidly and consistantly knows cat, dog, Riley, Mom, Dad, Harry/Harrison

Also before bed we read Fun with Dick and Jane and he was sounding out most of the words correctly.

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