Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I refuse!

... to let this blog die!

I'm a bit of a, starter but not finisher. I tend to start lots of fun projects, none of which I finish, and I refuse to do the same with this blog. Who cares if I have no readers! I want to continue this thing!

So what did I do today? My friend Erica and her two beautiful boys came over. I made a delicious bbq pizza for the boys, and Erica and I had ham & Swiss bagel sandwiches. Yumo. We then went out to go letterboxing. It was fun, although it was very, very wet. My shoes were totally 'squishing' at the end of it all! We were able to find one of the letterboxes, but not the other one.

Tonight, we finished up some homeschooling. We didn't do the entire day, but we did some of it plus some extras. We worked on 1-numbers, and 1+numbers.. which was great. Ry did a really great job. He used his number line as well as his fingers. He also realized that I doubled the questions so he went through and found the matching equation to write down the answer for the double. I thought that was pretty smart of him.

Harry is finally starting to understand potty training a little bit. It will be a while before he is really potty trained, but that's okay. I'm the type of mom who does not stress about potty training before three. It will happen when it happens.

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