Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I never realized I was a WWF ring girl..

It must be the age. Or the gender. Or that my children are clinically insane. One of those options must be the reason that they are constantly, non stop, beating each other! My boys are ages 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 and they constantly rolling around, biting, pinching, forking (yes, poking each other with those darn Ikea plastic forks), and otherwise maming one another.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love that they have something to preoccupy their time, but I'm afraid someone is going to put an eye out. Wow. Now I'm my mother, that may be even more frightening than my kids going all WWF on each other.

Sheesh, moms, tell me this is normal!

Good doctor appointment, plus some cleaning tips!

So my lovely hubby went for a check up. Long story short, he was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. Stage three melanoma. No fun, I tell ya! So he is now on a trial, has been over a year clean and we are celebrating a great doctor's appointment. He will be done with his trial in December! No more PET scans either, which to be honest both makes me a million times happier and scares the flowers out of me at the same time! It's scary because I won't have that definite proof he's cancer free. It makes me happy, though, because he won't be injected with all those insane chemicals. But for the most part, this housewife-ish lady is pretty pleased!

Now, on to fun topics!

I read about cleaning your sink with cinnamon, and I am a sucker for cinnamon so I tried it. It was fabulous. My whole kitchen was filled with the aroma and it was fabulous! I mixed a little table salt in with it to give it a nice grittiness to really clean the sink. Love it! So I tried it on my counter tops, even sprinkled some cinnamon on the carpets then vaccuumed it up! Yum-o

In other news, my two year old darling bundle of joy must be almost ready for potty training. He has decided, each and every day, to poop in his diaper, then spread it all over whatever is closest to him, be it a wall, or a dog, or his brother, or the carpet, whatev! So that's been an exciting time for me. Hopefully he potty trains quicker than his brother or I'm in trouble.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Always check the receipt

With this blog, I'd love to share some tips and tricks that I've learned living on one income.

One of those tips is to always, always, always check your receipt. I know you've got your hands full, most likely with a cart full of food... and probably are towing around your kiddos, but it's so important!

Yesterday I went on my big grocery trip. I went to five different stores, with two kids, by myself. (Yes, I wanted to give myself a heart attack and a few gray hairs, thanks for asking!) I have shopping down to a science, basically. Anyway, so I was leaving Giant and so I checked out my receipt. Yep, a big error. They charged me 4.99 for a 5 lb bag of potatoes that were only supposed to be .99 cents! So I walked back in, checked out the potatoes and realized they were out of the .99 cent potatoes. I went up to the customer service counter and asked for a refund and a rain check. The lady was nice enough about it, and I ended up getting a nicer bag of potatoes for .99 cents. She offered me the rain check still, and I should have taken it, but silly me wasn't thinking clearly, because the entire time my boys were grabbing things off the shelves at customer service. I was thisclose to buying them a box of candy to quiet them, but I stood strong and didn't give in!

Then, at Safeway, they had a great deal on yogurt. Buy 4 get 4 free. Currently the Safeways in our area, they have "new" flavors that are marked down to 40 cents a piece. So I picked up 8 yogurt cups in the "new" flavors of Blueberry Cobbler and Apple Gogiberry. I went through the line, and saw the error that they were not taking off the 4. I asked the cashier and she went to look, then came back and said she didn't know why it wouldn't take them off. I took my receipt straight up to customer service and within minutes I had an additional 1.60 back! Woohoo!

It almost always pays to check out your receipt!

Welcome to the blog..

For those who don't know me, I'm Echo... I'm a Christian, wife, mother, and soon to be homeschool teacher. I don't know where this blog will go, but I'm excited to have it up and rolling.