Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good doctor appointment, plus some cleaning tips!

So my lovely hubby went for a check up. Long story short, he was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. Stage three melanoma. No fun, I tell ya! So he is now on a trial, has been over a year clean and we are celebrating a great doctor's appointment. He will be done with his trial in December! No more PET scans either, which to be honest both makes me a million times happier and scares the flowers out of me at the same time! It's scary because I won't have that definite proof he's cancer free. It makes me happy, though, because he won't be injected with all those insane chemicals. But for the most part, this housewife-ish lady is pretty pleased!

Now, on to fun topics!

I read about cleaning your sink with cinnamon, and I am a sucker for cinnamon so I tried it. It was fabulous. My whole kitchen was filled with the aroma and it was fabulous! I mixed a little table salt in with it to give it a nice grittiness to really clean the sink. Love it! So I tried it on my counter tops, even sprinkled some cinnamon on the carpets then vaccuumed it up! Yum-o

In other news, my two year old darling bundle of joy must be almost ready for potty training. He has decided, each and every day, to poop in his diaper, then spread it all over whatever is closest to him, be it a wall, or a dog, or his brother, or the carpet, whatev! So that's been an exciting time for me. Hopefully he potty trains quicker than his brother or I'm in trouble.

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